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Anything Food Counter 1.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How do I edit my account?

To edit your account, log in as normal. Then click File and Edit Current User. You can change the account from this page, or return to the wizard by clicking the Edit with Wizard link.

How do you make the squares black or gray? What does that mean?

Blacking the Box out. We give you the option to block out certain parts of the week. This can help you visually remember which days you should work out. Simply put a “–“ in the boxes you wish to black out. You can remove the black by clicking on the box and removing the “-“.

Graying the box Gray boxes are not counted in the calories below to help you plan your work out. Just entering a value into these boxes will remove the gray. Use the “*” to gray a box.

I want to enter foods for a different day.

Locate the calendar at the lower right. You can select any day from this calendar. Just clicking a new day will save the current day's food and then open the next one.

How do I see a record of my weight progress?

After bringing up the Journal, you can either Click the Progress report link on the Journal Webpage, or you can click Reports at the top of the form and then Progress Report.

Screenshots - More Details

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