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Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager 3.1

The Smart Solution For Your Grocery Shopping And Cooking!

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $24.95

File Size:11,654 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:15-day trial
Date Added:03-02-2006 Requirements:Java Virtual Machine 1.4.1 or later

Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager
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Software Description:
Shop'NCook combines a recipe organizer and a shopping list manager working seamlessly together to facilitate your grocery shopping and cooking. Write your grocery lists and organize your recipes. Shopping lists are composed in seconds by clicking on items or adding from recipes. Shop'NCook includes a database of 2000 grocery items that makes it a snap to start writing shopping lists without having to input hundreds of items. By organizing the items according to the aisles of your supermarket, you save considerable time and efforts during shopping.

The recipe manager lets you input your own recipes and search the recipes by title, categories, and ingredients. You can scale the quantities for the number of servings, and add the ingredients of a recipe to the shopping list with a click. Shop'NCook's unique browser tool lets you import recipe archives directly from internet. Have fun uncovering hundreds of thousands of recipes scattered in internet archives.

Other features includes: nutritional information, cookbooks, e-mail tool to send shopping lists and share recipes, sublists, automatic unit conversion, import/export, direct access to

Key Features:
  • The shopping list is composed by choosing items out of a predefined list, or by incorporating the ingredients from a recipe or a sublist. There are about 2000 predefined items sorted in 40 categories.
  • The database of items is fully customizable.
  • Nutritional information is available for most of the ingredients of the item database, as well as unit conversion factors between volume and weight, and common household units. Nutritional and unit conversion data is fully customizable.
  • The recipe manager allows to create, edit and view recipes. The quantities needed for a recipe can be calculated and added automatically to the shopping list in the user's preferred shopping unit.
  • Recipe ingredients are automatically matched with the item database and with nutritional and unit conversion information, allowing to get nutritional analysis and to create shopping list in aisle order in a mostly automated way.
  • Recipes are organized in cookbooks. Cookbooks allow to make collections of recipes for sharing with other Shop'NCook users.
  • Recipes and shopping list can be printed, sent by e-mail, or exported in several formats, including HTML for the creation of web pages.
  • Recipes can be imported from Meal-Master, MasterCook, and plain text formats, from files or directly from the clipboard to allow easy import from a wide range of sources.
  • A specialized browser allows to import compressed recipe archives directly from internet.
  • A Direct Access function affords a convenient access to the recipes of The Recipe Database, an online database where Shop'NCook users can share their recipes.
Editor's Review:
Shop'NCook is an integrated shopping list and recipe manager software. It's easy to use and easy to customize for your needs. Shopping lists can be composed in seconds by clicking on items, or adding from recipes and sublists. Thanks to the comprehensive item database, the user can start writing lists at once, without having to spend first hours inputting items.

The recipe manager lets you access and search conveniently your recipes. It works seamlessly with the shopping list editor, and helps you making sure you don't forget to buy any ingredients. An incorporated browser and direct access to The Recipe Database are powerful tools to find and import recipes from the web.

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