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The Recipe Processor 2000 6.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Global Category Replacement

Use this option when you want to replace a category in use with another category. All recipes in the cookbook that contain that category will have the category changed to the new one.

This feature is useful when importing recipes. Let's say you have imported 50 recipes. These new recipes all have the category MAIN. However, you would like these recipes to have the category DINNER. This option will change all recipes with the category of MAIN to DINNER.

Action Box:

Three actions are available.

Cat only: this will replace the category of all recipes that match the selected category.
Subcat only: this replaces the subcategory of all recipes that match the selected category.
Both: replaces both the category and subcategory of all recipes that match the selected category. In addition, since the old category is no longer used by any recipe in the cookbook, it asks if you want the old category deleted from the category list.

Change From List Box:

This list box will show the active categories according to the Action box. Select from this box the category that you want to change.

If Cat only if selected, only active (used) categories will be displayed.
If Subcat only is selected, then only active subcategories will be displayed.
If Both is selected, then all categories in the cookbook are displayed.

Change To List Box:

This list box displays all categories in the cookbook. Select the category you want to change to.

Screenshots - More Details

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