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WorldCoins 1.0.2340

Organize all your collecting coins easily and efficiently if you enjoy collecting coins very much.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $22.95

File Size:4,762 KB System:Windows 98/ME/XP
License:Free to try ($22.95) Limitations:Limited to 40 coins
Date Added:06-01-2006 Requirements:.NET Framework 1.1, RAM 128 MB or more

The main window of WorldCoins
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Software Description:

WorldCoins is both a coin organizer and an inventory software program for everyone who want to have a complete and detailed inventory of a collection of coins as well as keep up to date this collection with ease and no effort.

You can add as many coins as you want with its relevant information in WorldCoins, and also add coins quickly by duplicating existing ones. WorldCoins has a comprehensive set of data fields enabling you to catalog a wide range of information for each coin: Quantity, Denomination, Year, Country, Metal, Grade of preservation, Mintage, Purchase price, Valuation price, Personal notes and much more.

Find quick and easily any particular coin or group of coins from your collection thanks to the flexible searching by Coin id, Catalog id, Quantity, Denomination, Year, Metals, Country, Album, between specific years, Notes, Mint, Descriptions, different prices or by the combination of all these mentioned fields.

WorldCoins allows you to add four images to attach each coin: obverse, reverse, detail 1 and detail 2. Click on any of these, and you will see the image enlarged. It is very useful to make know each coin well. In addition, you can download files with the coins of The United States, Mauritius, Spain and Canada from 1900 until present and import it to WorldCoins. WorldCoins is all that and much more!

Key Features:
  • Allow you to catalog a wide range of information for each coin
  • Find any particular coin or group of coins from collection easily
  • Sort data by any field ascending or descending
  • Up to four images can be attached for each coin
  • Support password protection
  • Generate reports in HTML format
  • Export all your collection of coins and all its information in a text file
  • Has a simple interface
Editor's Review:

WorldCoins is a great tool to help you organize your various collecting coins. It is very useful for coin collectors specially.

WorldCoins allows you to add as many as coins in your collection if you want, and enables you to catalog a wide range of information for each coin. And then you can add four images to attach each coin. Just select the top of any column at the table of coins and you will be able to see the information sorted either A to Z or Z to A. With WorldCoins you can organize all your coins well.

Besides WorldCoins provides password protection, fast search any coin or group of coins from your collection, export all collection of coins' information in a text file as a back up or to share with your friends and other collectors, and many other features. Also WorldCoins collects lots of information of many different coins for coin collectors. All of them are very valuable.

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