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ChildCentre 3.4 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

When time is out, children should do

If dedicated programs mode is used the child runs ChildCentre using the label on the Windows Desktop.

Then he has to pick up a preferred program that has to be run. Then he pushes Start.

If absolute time counting mode is used the child just works with the computer. He can see the left time by placing the mouse cursor over the System Tray icon of ChildCentre.

If the child does not work with the computer there is a good way to close Windows rather than to shutting down the computer. For that he can press right mouse button on the icon and then push "Close Windows" menu item.While Windows is closed the time is not counted.

Frequently Asked Questions - ChildCentre

  1. Why we need ChildCentre?

    The program was designed for automatic control of the time a child spends playing his games during a day. Even if an adult is not near the child, ChildCentre controls the total time and closes the program that is running (or Windows depending on the defined mode) if the time limit is expired. Then ChildCentre does not allow to start dedicated programs (or to work with Windows) during the rest of the day.

  2. What parents have to do?

    A parent has to run ChildCentre. Then he has to choose Settings in the System Menu.

    It is necessary to define at least one program to be run by the child if you do not use mode Counting absolute time of working in Windows (see Options below).

    If you want to add a program push Add button. Then enter the title (that you see proper for the program) and the path to the EXE (or PIF for DOS files) module.

    You can use <...> button to activate standard window for picking files up. In that window find the module and push Open.

Screenshots - More Details

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