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KidSplorer Web Browser - User Guide and FAQ

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Kid Safe Web Site
  • - Read poems and submit your own!
  • - This page is dedicated to linking you with Christian and other wholesome sites on the Internet. Sites included are appropriate for kids and are devotional, educational, or just plain fun.
  • - Book reviews, suggestions, quizzes and more.
  • - National Geographic site all about dinosaurs. Find timelines, animations, and facts for a T. Rex Called Sue, Moving Monsters, Early Birds, and lots more!
  • - all the dinosaur news that's fit to print! Also includes listings of dino TV shows, interviews with scientists, travel tips (to find dinosaurs), and much more!
  • - explore matter, energy, forces, machines, and the Earth. Includes pictures, fun activities, interesting labs, and Quicktime movies too!
  • - try out their interactive quizzes and learn about chemistry, biology, physics, and more.
  • - Biographies and autobiographies of children's authors.
  • - a beginner's look into the states of matter, atoms, reactions, and other elements of chemistry

Screenshots - More Details

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