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T-Minus Birthday Countdown Clock 6.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - T-Minus Birthday Countdown Clock

  1. Can I use T-Minus Countdown Clock to promote my business?

    Yes, you can purchase a multi-user license to distribute T-Minus Countdown Clock to customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, etc. You can display your corporate logo, web site or toll-free number in the countdown. If you have a company jingle or theme song, you can play it as background music or at the conclusion of the countdown.

  2. Can I make my own Countdown Clock, or do I send T-Minus Enterprises my photo and music?

    It's so simple, that you can create your own Countdown Clock for any occasion. You can insert your own text, picture and sound.

  3. How big will the Countdown Clock look on my computer?

    You can display T-Minus Countdown Clock at any size on your desktop.

  4. What kind of music formats can I play in the Countdown Clock?

    It supports any sounds in an .MP3 or .WAV format.

  5. How does the e-mail signature work?

    You can automatically attach the countdown to the bottom of your outgoing e-mails. So you can share the excitement of your event with friends, family or business colleagues. The countdown appears as text without a photo or sound. For example, "Time until Tina's Due Date: 2 months and 12 days."

  6. What kind of images can I insert into the Countdown Clock?

    This program supports almost any photo or graphic file. T-Minus can support four file formats: .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, and .JPEG.

Screenshots - More Details

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