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AceReader Pro 4.5 - User Guide and FAQ

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About AceReader Pro

Introduction and Overview:

AceReader Pro will help you assess and improve your reading skills. In today's fast-paced information age, it is more important than ever to be a proficient reader. Students at all levels (grades 1-12 plus adults) will benefit from using this program. AceReader Pro does not teach you how to read, but instead it allows you to unlock your full reading potential, both on and off the computer.

Determine your Reading Speed (Reading Assessment Activities):

You assess your current reading level through the use of Timed Comprehension Tests. The Comprehension Tests that come with the program are broken out for grade levels 1-12 plus adult. You can take Self-Paced Comprehension Tests to determine your Base Reading Speed. You can also take Forced Speed/Mode Comprehension Tests to determine how well you comprehend material when being forced to read at certain speeds and modes. The program logs and graphs the test results (comprehension scores, reading speed, etc.) for accountability.

Increase your Reading Speed (Reading Improvement Activities):

The Drills and Games use Tachistoscope technology to improve your reading skills (both speed and comprehension).
Drills are based on fundamental and sound pacing principles. The Drills will pace your eye movement relative to your Personal Base Reading Speed (determined by taking Self-Paced Reading Comprehension Tests). As you improve, the Drills will automatically become more challenging. The reading material for each Drill that comes with the program is broken out for grade levels 1-12 plus adult.

Playing the Games will also improve your reading skills and allow you to have fun at the same time. The Games will flash text and challenge you on your ability to recall, recognize and comprehend the presented text at various speeds. All the Games have game levels and option settings that allow you to keep yourself challenged as you improve.
In addition to the Drills and Games, you can also use the Online Reader & Expert Mode to train in manual mode. Manual mode allows you to train with full control of your training sessions. You can train with your own text (i.e. from web page, word processing documents, e-books...) and with your own option settings (i.e. display mode, speed...).

The reading improvement activities are designed to address the problems listed in the "Problems AceReader Pro Solves" section below.

Using the Online Reader & Expert Mode:

The Online Reader is one of the most powerful features of AceReader Pro. This mode allows full access to all the program's features and options. Enter this mode if you want to (1) use AceReader Pro as a tool to help you read more efficiently while online; (2) train in manual mode; or (3) perform administration functions.

Problems AceReader Pro Solves:

AceReader helps you become a more proficient reader by helping you:
  1. Reduce Subvocalization (pronouncing or whispering the words in your mind while you read) You typically can only subvocalize about as fast as you can talk. The program pushes you to read at higher speeds through pacing techniques. At these higher speeds, it is physically impossible to subvocalize.
  2. Eliminate Regression (allowing your eyes to wander back to re-read text) The program will display or highlight words in a manner that will help encourage forward-only eye movement. In non-highlight modes, words are presented without the surrounding text being shown at all. This promotes forward-only eye movement since there is no previous text visible.
  3. Reduce Your Eye Fixation Time Reducing the time spent when your eyes are focused on a single point.
  4. Expand Your Eye Fixation Zone Improving your ability to read a wider text width when your eyes are focused on a single point.
  5. Increase Your Re-Fixation Speed Improving your ability to reposition your eyes at a rapid rate.
Technologies Used:

AceReader utilizes two technologies: (1) RAPID SERIAL VISUAL PRESENTATION (RSVP), and (2) TACHISTOSCOPIC SCROLL PRESENTATION (TSP). When AceReader is in RSVP mode, text is displayed in the center of the text area. RSVP can help you to read faster than normal because your eyes do not need to move. In RSVP mode, the words come to your eyes instead of your eyes going to the words. When AceReader is in TSP mode, text is displayed in a manner that forces your eyes to move just like they do in normal reading. TSP can train you to read in a normal fashion and at higher speeds. Both modes can help you learn to take in multiple words at a time.

AceReader Pro can handle text in European languages as well as English since it supports the international ASCII character set. AceReader Pro also utilizes additional, patented technologies that have been incorporated into the main screen options and controls.

Primary Ways to Use AceReader Pro:
  • Reading Assessment Tool - To determine and track your current reading speed and comprehension.
  • Reading Improvement Tool - To help increase your reading speed and comprehension (both online and offline).
  • Online Reading Tool - To help you read more efficiently while working or surfing online.
Innovative Ways to Use AceReader Pro:
  • Dyslexia Aid - Adjust your reading by selecting slower speeds or by bursting sentences one word at a time.
  • ESL Aid - Use AceReader Pro to help learn English as a Second Language by improving your English reading skills.
  • Eye Tracker - Train your eyes to move left-to-right and top-to-bottom by using the "Eye Trainer Mode." This mode forces your eyes to move as they would in normal offline reading.
  • Foreign Language Instructor - Use AceReader Pro as a computerized flash card system to read and re-read text for the purpose of learning a foreign language. AceReader Pro supports the international ASCII character set (i.e. English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc.).
  • Memorization and Flash Card Tool - Use AceReader Pro's Flash Card Game to memorize learning material (i.e. state capitals, multiplication tables...). You can also use the Burst Forward, Back, and Repeat features to rapidly read and re-read text for the purpose of memorizing it.
  • PhotoReading Aid - Use AceReader Pro to flash whole pages of text at desired speeds to assist with online PhotoReading techniques.
  • Self-Improvement Programmer - Step up the speed and rapidly display messages to yourself to program your subconscious with positive suggestions.
  • Speed Reading Aid - Use AceReader Pro to assist your eye tracking at configured speeds. This will help you break common bad reading habits that slow you down (i.e. subvocalization and regression).
  • Tachistoscope - Use AceReader Pro as a pacing tool. Some teachers have noted that AceReader Pro is a modern-day software version of the mechanical tachistoscope machines from years ago Those machines, which would flash text onto a screen at configurable speeds, were used to help many students and teachers learn how to read better by pacing their eye movement. AceReader Pro goes beyond their capabilities, though, by providing many additional options and features and it includes the ability to track student progress.
  • Vision Aid - Change the text font and background color to help see more clearly and to read without eye movement.
  • Warm Up - Use AceReader Pro to warm up your reading skills before switching over to read online or offline. Warming up can help increase your reading speed.
Benefits of Using AceReader Pro:
  • Better grades in school. Children learn the skills that will pay benefits throughout high school and college and into the workplace.
  • Better performance on the job, where reading skills are increasingly important.
  • More confidence.
  • More free hours in your life as your reading speed increases.
  • Better quality of life as your reading, comprehension and retention grow year after year.

Screenshots - More Details

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