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Music Note Teacher 1.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Note Graphics

The first thing that I would like to make note of is the quality and size of the note graphics. These graphics were painstakingly developed and crafted in Finale. Experience has taught me that the musical staff and note heads must be large enough for young children and senior adults to read. I am sure you will learn to appreciate the high quality of these graphics.

Piano Keys

The second feature that I would like you to notices is the size of the graphic piano keys. They are very large and easily accessible by the mouse for both young children and the handicapped. Other note learning programs try to display the complete piano keyboard on a 640 * 480 screen. This results in having very tiny piano keys that are too difficult for many students to operate. This program addresses this issue by having separate keyboards for both clefs. The Music Note Teacher also offers users three modes of entry. Students my use the graphic computer piano, external midi keyboard or letter keys. The ability to use and external keyboard empowers the Music Note Teacher with maximum teaching benefits. There is no greater reinforcement for learning proper keyboard geography then by using a real piano keyboard. Create you own fully functioning teaching labs with your existing equipment. Be the best teacher that you can be!

Adjustable Sliders

Not enough can be said about the adjustable range sliders. This one feature increases the functionality, adaptability and longevity of program use to you. So many of the other programs have predefined lessons and predetermined note ranges. While this might seem convenient, it inevitably renders the program obsolete or too restrictive for your everyday teaching needs. What if the first lesson teaches middle C through G and the intellectual level capacity of your beginner student can only comprehend middle C to E. Do you not use the program your just purchased or do you compromise the integrity of your lesson by forcing your student to use an inappropriate level. Conversely, the same can be said for your more advanced or experienced students. Suppose their weakness is with the higher ledger notes in the treble clef. What if the predefined note range of your program only allows you to practice these notes by including all the easier notes from the previous lessons? This is often the case and it does not afford the student enough practice and concentration to master they notes they need to learn most. Consequently mastering these notes will be a much longer and tiresome process. My program provides you with developmental building blocks that allow you to customize your lessons for maximum learning results. For this reason you will never out grow the Music Note Teacher. The Music Note Teacher will accommodate any age and level and any special learning needs. I promise you there is absolutely no faster or more direct way to learn the notes then with the Music Note Teacher. If you use this program correctly you will have amazing results.

I also include a timer function and grades reports to get real world statistics on your students remarkable progress.

Printable Tests

If this program did nothing more then just allow you to print musical note test then you got your moneys worth. How many teachers or parents have spent countless dollars buying the standard music note speller books only to find out that you can only use them once. Once is never enough! With the Music Note Teacher you can print this same kind of lessons over and over again. However, unlike your music note speller books, these tests will never be the same test twice. They are always randomly generated and print only the range that you determine.


Music Note Teacher includes little or no documentation because it is so easy to use. No learning curves just kick the program up and start using it. Each feature has tool tip help should you ever have a question.

Screenshots - More Details

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