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LunarPhase Pro 3.18 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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  • Graphically displays the current phase of the moon in real time
  • Displays the times and dates of the major lunar phases for the month
  • Displays the illuminated fraction of the lunar disk as a percentage in real time
  • Displays the current age of the moon (since the last New Moon) and its distance from Earth in real time
  • Provides realtime position of the moon in both RA/Dec and Alt/Az coordinates
  • Provides the moon's parallax and its visible diameter (in arcminutes) in real time
  • Displays a calendar of lunar phases for each day in the selected month
  • Displays lunar librations in latitude and longitude corrected for your location (Topocentric)
  • Displays monthly lunar libration diagrams for both Geocentric and Topocentric viewpoints
  • Displays Selenographic CoLongitude and Position Angle of the moon's Axis
  • Find times and dates for similar illumination at a feature
  • Find out if the Moon interferes with observation of meteor showers
  • Displays a list of sunrise and sunset times at various lunar features (both near-side and far-side) for the month
  • Provides a database of lunar features which is used in the calculation of sunrise and sunset at those lunar features. 9,264 lunar features are provided with the software
  • Includes a Lunar Explorer which displays the moon in Spherical or Mercator projections
  • Far-side and North/South Polar features can also be viewed and identified
  • Graphical display of lunar librations showing how the moon wobbles over the course of a month
  • Lunar features can be identified on the moon map by clicking anywhere on the map
  • Lunar features can be identified on the moon map by selecting a feature from 22 distinct lists of lunar feature types
  • The Lunar Explorer also lists which lunar features are currently on the moon's terminator
  • Includes Real Chart outlines and list of features on those charts
  • Emulate the view through your telescope with information you provide
  • View 3 mineral maps, a gravity map and a Clementine image map
  • Link images to specific lunar features and record your observations
  • If you've bought a property/land on the Moon, record its position and see where it is on the moon maps. Link to satellite images that contain your plot
  • Displays a Lunar Visibility diagram for the month showing when the moon is above the horizon and how bright the moon is
  • Displays a Daily View diagram for the moon showing when the sun and moon are above the horizon and hourly Azimuth and Altitude figures
  • Calculates the times and dates of the next Apogee and Perigee
  • Calculates the Position Angle of the moon's bright limb in real time
  • Calculates the moon's Phase Angle in real time
  • Calculates and displays Moon's Rise, Set and Transit times
  • Calculates the circumstances of lunar eclipses and whether they're visible from your location
  • Calculates the dates of lunar eclipses between two given years
  • Displays the names of Full Moons throughout the year, including Blue Moons [second full moon in a month]
  • Set the time and date to that of a major lunar phase (New Moon, First Quarter, etc.) by clicking on the phase icon or phase date and time
  • Set the time and date to that of an eclipse by clicking on the eclipse date in the eclipse details window
  • Set the time and date to any desired date by changing the time, date, month or year as required.
  • Blue moons are indicated by a blue full-moon icon in the major phases window.
  • View the Moon's orientation as it appears in the sky (parallactic angle)
  • Download the latest new about the Moon from the internet.
  • View very high resolution maps of the moon.


  • Provides realtime position of the Sun in Alt/Az and RA/Dec co-ordinates in real time
  • Calculates and displays Sun's Rise, Set and Transit times
  • Displays a Daily View diagram for the sun showing when it's above the horizon and hourly Azimuth and Altitude figures
  • Displays the positions on the horizon of the rising and setting sun for the selected date


  • Calculates and displays Start and End times for Civil, Nautical and Astronomical Twilight
  • Calendar printout for the selected month which includes for each day: the lunar phase (graphically), lunar rise/set/transit times, solar rise/set/transit times and the times and dates of the major lunar phases in the month. The user selects which of these appears on the printout.
  • Tabular printout of all lunar, solar and twilight data.
  • Printout of Lunar Visibility diagram.
  • Printout of Daily View diagram and data.
  • Printout of Lunar Libration charts, images and data.
  • Printout moon maps from the Lunar Explorer screen.
Other Features
  • Data for any date can be generated using inbuilt calendar
  • Selection of any time during the day, including reset to current time and date
  • View moon as seen through binoculars, an astronomical telescope or a telescope that uses a diagonal
  • Day order on calendar can be changed
  • Tabular function provides a list of lunar rise/set/transit times, moon's illuminated fraction, solar rise/set/transit times and Start/End times for Civil, Nautical and Astronomical Twilight for the selected month on one comprehensive screen
  • Displays Local Sidereal Time
  • Provides links to online lunar websites
  • Popup window displays Day Number, Week Number (and Day No./Week No. in ISO format), Julian Day, number of days until Christmas and the equivalent date in the Muslim Calendar
  • A popup window shows the times and dates of the Equinoxes and Solstices of the selected year, and their durations.
  • Displays the date of Easter Sunday for the selected year.
  • Provides support for Southern Hemisphere observers.
  • The display can be changed to support the view as seen through different optical configurations
  • Data for multiple observing sites can be stored so you can easily switch between them
  • LunarPhase, when active, resides in the System Traybar on your Windows Taskbar.

Screenshots - More Details

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