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T-Minus Baseball Countdown 6.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - T-Minus Baseball Countdown

  1. Q: Can I run more than one countdown at a time?
    A: Yes, you can display up to five different countdowns at once. This is great when you're looking forward to more than one event, or for tracking multiple projects at work.

  2. Q: How does the e-mail signature work?
    A: You can automatically attach the countdown to the bottom of your outgoing e-mails. So you can share the excitement of your event with friends, family or business colleagues. The countdown appears as text without a photo or sound. For example, "Time until Tina's Due Date: 2 months and 12 days."

  3. Q: How big will the Countdown Clock look on my computer?
    A: You can display T-Minus Countdown Clock at any size on your desktop. You can also set the Countdown Clock as your screensaver.

  4. Q: Can I make my own Countdown Clock, or do I send T-Minus Enterprises my photo and music?
    A: It's so simple, that you can create your own Countdown Clock for any occasion. You can insert your own text, picture and sound.

  5. Q: What kind of images can I insert into the Countdown Clock?
    A: You can insert almost any photo or graphic file. T-Minus can support four file formats: .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, and .JPEG.

  6. Q: What kind of music formats can I play in the Countdown Clock?
    A: You can play any sounds in an .MP3 or .WAV format.

Screenshots - More Details

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