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ComposeEssay 1.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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How to use ComposeEssay

  1. Write down the things you will be comparing (items, places, people, emotions, etc.)

  2. Ask yourself,"Why am I comparing these things?" You always compare things for a reason. You will compare two presidential candidates in order to decide which one to vote for. You might compare three pairs of shoes to decide which pair matches what you¡¯ll be wearing to school that day.

  3. Now, what aspects are important for answering that question?Only certain aspects, or parts, of your description will help you make a decision. Bill Clinton may have a bigger nose than all other candidates, but that description has very little to do with why you would or would not vote for him. When deciding upon which pair of shoes to wear, color and fit might be appropriate. What if the best pair of shoes for the outfit made your feet hurt after two hours? Would you wear them for a full school day? How about if you were asking someone out on a date that day? See how the importance of aspects change based upon why you are comparing and contrasting?

  4. Based upon those aspects, which item do you choose?This will be your main point (thesis). Take a look at why you are comparing the items. Which item do you believe best answers that question.

Screenshots - More Details

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