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Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 4.3.1

Help you understand and grasp the typing skill.

Download Site       Buy Now $25.95

File Size:10,706 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($25.95) Limitations:10 days trial
Date Added:02-17-2006 Requirements:256 MB free RAM, Sound card recommended, iTunes 6

the beginning window
click for larger screenshots
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Software Description:
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor will teach you life long skills that will help you understand the principles of touch typing and help you use your computer more effectively. Ten Thumbs monitors your progress and automatically adjusts the lessons to your skill level. You learn at your own pace, and focus on your weaknesses. You will be proficient in typing skill by Ten Thumbs soon.

Key Features:
  • Learn Typing with a Viking
  • Learn the 5 Habits of highly effective touch typing
  • Adaptive lessons
  • Two Addictive Games
  • Real World Language Generator
  • Learn in English, Spanish, German or French
  • Full student reports
  • Highly Customisable
  • Teacher Options
  • Use Extra Practice
  • Run on Windows or Linux and also Apple computers.
Editor's Review:
If you are beginning to touch computer, haven't you bothered with your slowly typing speed? Don't worry, Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor gives you a solution for your trouble. Ten Thumbs can teach you life long skills that will help you understand the principles of touch typing and help you use your computer more effectively.

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