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ViaSchool 2.0

ViaSchool was designed to manage students information orderly for school.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $10.00

File Size:207 KB System:Windows 98/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($10.00) Limitations:No limitations
Date Added:05-12-2006 Requirements:Windows System

The Screenshot of ViaSchool
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Software Description:

ViaSchool is innovating educational software integrated into school networks providing the school user with various tools to use in managing daily objectives and tasks which include report cards, attendance, schedules, updatable school calendars, download or upload assignments, student information, staff information, and so much more.

This program will show increased efficiency and productivity inside of classrooms, in the office, as well as in the homes of the teachers, parents and students. It is also used by teachers to reduce double entries for marks on tests and assignments. Teachers can mark tests and assignments from home as well as add new assignments and homework for the next day all at home.

Parents can use it to monitor their child's school progress such as there attendance, report card, and class averages right at the convenience of home or even at work. Student attendance reports allow parents to make sure there child made it safely to school within only 15 minutes of the class starting. Parents will also no longer have to wait for report card day to see marks and find out there child is to far behind to catch up. This is a great feature for students reaching for honor roll. With the Via School parents or guardians can see the progress of the student all through the semester from start to finish never missing a single day!

Key Features:
  • Create an efficient online educational tool
  • Offer full support and easy to use
  • Let teachers mark tests and assignments from home
  • Help teachers to add new assignments and homework for the next day at home
  • Let parents monitor their child's school progress easily
  • Save lots of time for teachers, parents and students
Editor's Review:

ViaSchool is a powerful online accessible Internet educational application. It can be used by teachers, parents and students in schools and at home to help progress in school. This program enables students to upload homework onto ViaSchool, which can later be accessed from a different location by a teacher who will grade the assignment.

ViaSchool is very useful to make parents know well their children's school progress even at home or office. It efficiently saves lots of time whether you are a teacher and parents. Also it is very convenient to students.

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