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CommFort 3.00 - User Guide and FAQ

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Getting started with CommFort Client

If you do not like reading long manuals and are already familiar with the Internet, this is probably the only chapter you need to read in order to get started.

To start CommFort Client: click on the Windows Start button, then point at Programs; then point at CommFort Client and then select CommFort.

To close CommFort Client: on the File menu select Exit or right-click on the Comfort Client icon in system tray and then select "Close" on the context menu that appears. Clicking the "X" in the upper top corner of the program window will minimize the program to system tray.
The program's interface is both user-friendly and easy-to-use; it has been optimized to provide quick and easy access to the program's main functions and looks familiar to most Windows users.

To get started with CommFort Client, first of all you will need to enter the server name or IP address and set your username. If you are running the program for the first time, it will prompt you for that information. Enter chat server name or IP address in the dialog window that appears and then click OK.

If the server you have entered is available, the Client will attempt to connect to it. Otherwise, it will let you know, why it is unable to connect to the server.

CommFort Client will use your hostname (computer name) as your nick in chat. You can change these settings later by adjusting the corresponding profile settings.

If you have configured the program right, and the chat server is up and running, you should see the list of other chatters at the right and messages scrolling up the chat window. Unless you want to further adjust the program, take off and have fun chatting!

Screenshots - More Details

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