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Instant Message Grabber 2.3 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Instant Message Grabber

  1. Q: What messaging programs will IM Grabber record instant messages for?
    A: This depends on what mode IM Grabber has detected is best for your computer. To find out what mode it has chosen, click "Tools" from the Viewer Window menu, choose "Options...", switch to the "Grabbing Settings" tab.

    If "Use Compatibility-Mode" is checked, IM Grabber will record from...
    • AOL 7, AOL 8, AOL 9 (including Optimized Edition and Security Edition)
    • AIM 4.x, AIM 5.x
    If "Use Packet Capture" is checked, IM Grabber will record from...
    • AOL 9 (including Optimized Edition and Security Edition)
    • AIM (all versions, except during Direct Connect IMs)
    • Most Third-Party AIM clients (i.e. Gaim, Netscape, etc)
    Currently AIM Express is not supported.

  2. Q: Will IM Grabber record messages without the Viewer or Icon showing?
    A: Yes, IM Grabber does not need to be visible in any way in order for it to record messages.

  3. Q: How do I clear the Search Results in the Message Viewer?
    A: This can be accomplished two ways:

    Select "[ Clear ]" from the drop-down Search History List.


    Click "Tools", select "Search Preferences", then click "Clear Search Results".

  4. Q: Why doesn't my Buddy's name appear each time a message was recorded?
    A: IM Grabber creates a log of the entire day's conversation for a buddy and displays it as one complete log. Hence, the most a single buddy can appear for a specific day is once.

  5. Q: How do I delete messages?
    A: To delete a specific log, you may right-click on that log in the viewer and select, "Delete".

    To delete many messages at once, select "File > Delete Messages..." from the Viewer Menu. In the Delete Messages window select which Screen Names to delete messages for and the date range to delete messages from.

  6. Q: How do I open the Message Viewer if the tray icon is missing?
    A: There are a number of ways to open the Message Viewer window:

    If you've chosen to install the Desktop or Start menu icons, you can double-click on the desktop icon or select IM Grabber from the Start Menu (Start > All Programs > Instant Message Grabber > IM Grabber).

    If you've chosen not to install these Shortcuts, or have installed IM Grabber with the Monitoring Installation option, click "Start", choose "Run..." and enter the name of the Viewer that you specified when installing IM Grabber. (By default, it is "IMViewer".) Then click "Ok" or press "Enter".

  7. Q: How do I monitor my children's Instant Messages without their knowledge?
    A: IM Grabber offers an installation option for monitoring purposes which walks you through setting up IM Grabber to monitor your children. When install, be sure to select the "Monitoring Mode" installation.

Screenshots - More Details

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