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PopMessenger 1.61 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - PopMessenger

  1. How do I install PopMessenger?
    PopMessenger is very simple to install. Follow these steps:

    Download the PopMessenger installation program and save it at a location on your computer that you can remember.

    Find the downloaded installation program and open it by double-clicking on the file

    Start the downloaded file either by selecting Run right after downloading, by double-clicking it from Windows explorer or by using the Run command from the Start menu. The installation program will guide you through the installation procedure.

    Repeat the procedure on each computer you want to communicate with.

  2. Is there a version of MessagePal for the Macintosh or Linux?
    No, PopMessenger was designed for Windows-based systems only

  3. I have installed PopMessenger, but I don't see other users on my network. What should I do?
    Several issues should be taken into account:

    Make sure that you have installed PopMessenger on all computers on your network.

    Make sure that you are using the same version of PopMessenger across your network.

    All computers within your network should use either UDP Broadcast or IP Multicast communication mode in order to communicate with each other.

    Please check the firewall configuration on the server. If you use Multicast communication, make sure that you assign the same IP Multicast group address to all computers.

    Please note that each PopMessenger within your network should use the same port number in order to communicate with each other.

  4. I can not see users on the other subnet. My first subnet is 192.168.1.X and the second one is 192.168.2.X.
    Try to use Multicast communication first. Open the 'Options' dialog window and then select 'Use multicast option. Make sure that you have changed this option on all computers.

    The second way is to use the direct broadcast mode. Select 'Use broadcast' in the 'Options' dialog window. Add these broadcast addresses: and to your network segments. Make changes on all computers on your network.

    You can also add exact IP-address of single computer (e.g. if you want to chat with Internet or RAS-connected user).

  5. What changes do I make to my firewall or router to enable PopMessenger?
    In 99% of all cases, none. If you are experiencing problems seeing other PopMessenger users in your 'User' list, it may be that there is a firewall or other device blocking the required port between the two computers. We provide some information here that may help your systems administrator in opening the correct firewall ports.

    For security reasons, PopMessenger will not communicate with users via the Internet. It is designed only for use within an office LAN.

    For the technically-inclined: PopMessenger communicates using UDP packets via IP port 8473 (the standard port assigned to UDP Peer-to-Peer conversations), which must be open and available to PopMessenger end-to-end to each computer using MessagePal. Most LAN's will have this port open and available - consult your systems administrator if you suspect you are having problems. Contact Technical Support if your systems administrator needs more assistance.

  6. If I want to insure that everyone is using the same groupings, I must go to each computer and set up the groups myself. This is a little time-consuming. Is there a better way?
    Just export this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LeadMind\PopMessenger\1.60\Groups to a file. Then import the exported section into other computers' registries.

  7. I have lost my license keys. What should I do?
    Contact us at Customer Support with the First/Last name, Company Name and e-mail address of the original purchaser, and we'll get back to you.

  8. What is the maximum length of a message?
    A message can contain up to 23000 characters. You should split a message if it exceeds the limit.

Screenshots - More Details

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