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Super Ad Blocker 3.0.1018 - User Guide and FAQ

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Super Ad Blocker Blocking Technologies

POPUP Blocker

Pop-Ups are now being used by some advertisers to install spyware, adware, trojans and other harmful software products. They often advertise product that will "speed up your computer" or "optimize your memory". While these appear to be products that would help a user and make the computing experience more enjoyable, they often install software designed to serve ads collect personal information and result in the slow down your computer. These products also install other product, and can render a computer virtually unusable.

SPYWARE and ADWARE Blocker AND Remover

Spyware comes in many forms. Spyware can be an application installed on your computer that monitors your surfing habits, and serves pop-up ads relevant to items you have searched for, or sites you have visited. Spyware can be an application that attaches itself to your browser and intercepts your passwords or other personal information. Spyware applications often times will send this captured information back to a central server operated by an advertising company, or the company that created the spyware. There is no way for you to know what happens to this information once it leaves your computer.

BANNER Blocker

Ad banners are another form of advertising that can be used to advertise products to help or protect you, but end up installing spyware, adware trojans or other harmful products. These ads typically target the new computer user who may be unaware of the danger that lurks ahead after clicking on the ad and installing the advertised product. If you know or trust a particular web-site, you can choose to support them by allowing only that sites banners and ads to be displayed while blocking potentially dangerous ads on other sites.

COOKIE Blocker

Cookies themselves are not dangerous, and cannot contain spyware. They are instead used to track your surfing habits and may contain login or password information that can be used to steal your identity or trick you into submitting your login and password information - this is referred to as "phishing".


Your surfing history can be used to determine what sites you have visited. If you are not the only user of your computer, others may be able to find your banking or credit card information from an order form you have filled out or bank account you have logged into.

TROJAN Blocker

Trojans often are downloaded with other programs and then do nothing for a period of time as not to be detected. When they are activated they may download new programs to your computer without your knowledge or approval. Trojans can also steal passwords, logins and other personal information. This information can be sent to other computers. You have no way of knowing what happens to this information once it leaves your computer.


Sponsored search ads can be very misleading, especially to new computer users. Clicking the first search result provided should lead you to the most relevant content, but this is often not the case. Competitors often trick users into thinking they are purchasing or viewing information about the item they were searching for, when in fact they are at a completely different site or page. This can lead to installing spyware, adware or other harmful software. Most search engines do not regulate the ads and to where they take the user.

Screenshots - More Details

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