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Private InfoKeeper 2.8 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Private InfoKeeper

  1. How to change master password?
    It is possible to change master password for your personal storage.
    To do this, pick "Change Master Password" from "Tools" menu. Confirm your authority by entering current master password. Then enter the new master password twice.
    It may take some time to re-encrypt information in the storage with new master password. You will get success notification in the end of the process.

  2. How to customize security settings?
    Although Private InfoKeeper selects security options automatically (basing on selected security level), you may want to tune it manually. To do this, pick "Set security options manually (for advanced users)" while selecting security level in Personal Storage Creation Wizard. Then you will be able to select cryptographic provider, encryption algorithm and key length available for your system. After that, you will need to set up interactive options. Enter inactivity time and select passwords' visibility.
    It is possible to customize interactive options for existing storage. Open a storage and pick "Properties" from "Storage" menu.

  3. How remove Ablazesoft Private InfoKeeper
    Private InfoKeeper is supplied with fully automatic uninstaller. To remove Private InfoKeeper from your computer perform actions as follow:

    Exit Private InfoKeeper before uninstalling;
    \ Run "Uninstall" from "Ablazesoft" group in "Programs" folder;
    - or -
    Go to "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel and double-click "Ablazesoft Private InfoKeeper" in the list;
    Proceed with uninstalling process

  4. How to copy data to other applications?
    You can copy any of your stored data to other application. There are many ways to perform this operation:

    by using QuickPasswords feature;
    via the Clipboard (powered by Secure Clipboard data transfer);
    by using Web Browser integration feature;
    by "Drag-and-drop" operation. 1. Open our East-Tec DisposeSecure 2006.

  5. How to backup and restore data?
    Private InfoKeeper's backup feature helps you protect data from accidental loss if your system experiences hardware or software failure. Backup creates a duplicate copy of your storage as an accurate point-in-time copy of its contents. If the original storage is accidentally erased or overwritten, or becomes inaccessible because of a hard disk malfunction, you can easily restore the data from the backed up copy.

    Important: To maintain security, backup operation copies only encrypted data, your master password will not be included in the backup.
    The following three steps describe a backup operation:

    1.Open a storage you want to backup
    2.Pick "Backup" from "Storage" menu
    3.Choose a destination for your backup (it can be a folder on your local hard drive, removable storage or your local network path)

    You will get success notification or error message with a reason why backup operation has failed.


    Restore operation is reverse to backup, it restores data that you previously backed up.

    To restore your data you need:

    1.Close all currently opened storages
    2.Pick "Restore" from "Storage" menu
    3.Choose backed up storage you want to restore
    4.You may need to confirm overwriting of existing storage

    You will get success notification or error message with a reason why restore operation has failed.

Screenshots - More Details

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