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SmartProxyHelper 1.5 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - SmartProxyHelper

  1. How to use the Smart Proxy Helper to attemper the proxy in the core multiwindow browsers IE such as MyIE2(Maxthon) and Greenbrowser?
    The method of using the Smart Proxy Helper to attemper the proxy in MyIE2(Maxthon): enter the options in MyIE2(Maxthon) -->Proxy-->Use IE Proxy, restart MyIE2(Maxthon), and then the attempering and setting proxy in the Smart Proxy Helper will be valid in MyIE2 at the same time. If you want to cancel the agent, you can choose the menu of cancel IE proxy. It is the same in the Greenbrowser IE and some other multipage browser IE. You only need to appoint the proxy setting of using IE.

  2. How to use the Smart Proxy Helper to attemper the proxy in some other network application program?
    The method of using the Smart Proxy Helper to attemper the proxy for some network application program that can be set through the proxy server or self-defined port: enact the proxy attemper mode of the Smart Proxy Helper to using built-in proxy server attemper, and set the proxy server address to and port to 10080 in another network application program( that can be set in the system setting). After that the net application program will visit the exterior through the interior proxy sever of the Smart Proxy Helper and the attemper proxy of the Smart Proxy Helper attemper will be the second agent. The visiting sequence is as the show below: application program->local proxy sever of Smart Proxy Helper->second agent( attemper by Smart Proxy Helper)->objective host computer. The method of using Smart Proxy Helper to attemper proxy for another network application program through the fixed port to visit Internet: know the program use which port, set the proxy attemper method to using the built-in proxy sever attemper and define the built-in proxy sever monitor port to the port of this application program.

  3. How to control the transmission information by using the Smart Proxy Helper?
    If you use the mode of the built-in local proxy sever attemper, you can use the monitor function of the built-in sever to record and analyze the network visiting no matter you use the second proxy or not. The software can record detailed circumstances and return information of each information message routing. When you click a visiting record in the RTS(request to send), the right will show the particular HTTP information of this visit.

  4. What kinds of methods to enable the proxy after searching, validating and disable the proxy?
    If you startup the smart proxy robot, the smart proxy robot can start using and switch the agent. If you don' t startup the smart proxy robot, you can choose the proxy you want in the list and click the shortcut button to enable proxy, and you can also dbclick the proxy row you want in the list. There is another method that after clearing up the agent, the software can put the 20 fastest proxy into the start using proxy menu of the smart proxy robot window. Then you can click a item to enable the agent.

  5. Why can' t the proxy be visited after setting the validated agent?
    Validation is not 100 percent correct. There are some other problems in using web to visit. So if In such an event, please switch another agent to retry.

  6. What' s the meaning of the user mode icon showed in the window of the smart proxy robot?
    The main LOGO of showing Smart Proxy Helper means under the basic status without special dealing with and startup proxy, if it is a download icon, it means in the process of searching download proxy. If it is a purple scanning round icon, it means in the process of validating proxy. If it is a green solid pellet, it means already startup high anonymity proxy. If it is a yellow pellet, it means in a state of ordinary anonymous proxy. If it is a red pellet, it means in the state of transparent proxy.

Screenshots - More Details

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