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Fictional Telnet Daemon 4.4 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

New Stuff for FD V4.4 compared with FD V4.3

  1. Directory bug fixed (in FTP, internet explorer expects english language date formats)
  2. Passive FTP bug fixed (In some cases, the port command wasnt' recognised by ftp clients)

New Stuff for FD V4.1 compared with FD V4.0 (4.0 was beta only)

  1. Included some tutorials in the Help documents
  2. DieHard ! If for some unknown reason FD can't get online (due some winsock problem for example), FD will retry every 5 seconds
  3. Passive port command output compatible with X clients (no more data errors)
  4. 'Help' startup from FD should work now on all platforms.
  5. iconshow didn't work when no icon at startup
  6. IP-Poster quits with FD (optional)
  7. iconshow didn't work when no icon at startup

Screenshots - More Details

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