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FastProxySwitch 2.1

Is a windows program that runs in the system tray and allows you to change active proxy server and corresponding settings on the fly .It's designed for users who use a laptop, or for any who want to change a proxy settings in IE and System.

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Version: 2.1 Publisher:
File Size: 3.86 MB System:Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT4/ME/98/95
License: Free to try ($49.95) Limitations:   30 days trial
Date Added: 10-19-2007 Requirements: 

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Software Description:
No more need to open a lot of windows to do a obviosly simple thing - now proxy settings can be changed from the system tray with a few clicks. FastProxySwitch is designed for users who use a single laptop at home and at work, or for anyone who want to quickly change a proxy settings in IE and System.
You might change proxy settings using IE while FastProxySwitch is running. It will detect changes and will activate another proxy from it's list or will create a new one. By using FastProxySwitch you can juggle with different proxies, change the current active proxy settings and drink coffee simultaneously. FastProxySwitch works with both configuration scripts and proxy servers. This smart application will read your existing proxy settings for all existing connections the first time you start it. If you'll change active proxy settings using FastProxySwitch, they will be applied to IE and system immediately.

FastProxySwitch allows you:

  • To enable and disable (Direct connection) proxy;
  • Change proxy settings with only several clicks;
  • Store your frequently used proxy settings;
  • Use the automatic configuration script;
  • Automatically activate proxy settings;

And it will do some extra work for you such as:
  • Running cleanups before and after proxy settings change;
  • Running external applications before and after proxy settings change;
  • Automatical detection of applied proxy settings;
Editor's Review:
If you don't want anybody to know the web sites you've visited, or the search queries you've made on your PC. FastIEcleanup won't let anybody know that!

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