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KidSplorer 4.2.6 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - KidSplorer

  1. I am trying to setup hotmail in KidSplorer but it keeps blocking the login page. is one of those site that relies on several other related web site to function properly. needs to access, and
    1. Start KidSplorer and go into parental mode.
    2. Click the "Add special web site" button.
    3. Click the "Include web site list" button.
    4. Click the "Add" button on the bottom of the window.
    5. Enter and click OK.
    6. Repeat the step 4 & 5 to add
    7. Repeat the step 4 & 5 to add
    8. Exit parental mode.

  2. I cannot connect to any pages in KidSplorer, even thought my Internet Explorer and Netscape work just fine.
    This problem is caused by Windows XP with SP2 running.
    The Windows Firewall is blocking KidSplorer from accessing the internet.
    You would have to set Windows Firewall not to block the KidSplorer program.

    To open Windows Firewall
    1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.
    2. In the control panel, click Windows Security Center.
    3. Click Windows Firewall.
    4. Select the 'Exceptions' tab.
    5. Click the 'Add Program..' button.
    6. On the 'Add a Program' window select KidSplorer.
    7. Click OK to close the 'Add a Program' window.
      This will add KidSplorer to the 'Programs and Services' list.
    8. Click OK to close the 'Windows Firewall' window.
    9. Now start KidSplorer.

  3. How do I prevent my child from running other programs?
    There are a number of settings that you can turn on to lock down your computer.

    1. Enter Parental Mode.
    2. Click the 'Hammer & Spanner' icon on the toolbar to display the 'Parental Mode
      Settings' entry screen.
    3. Select the 'General' tab
    4. Check the 'Automatically load KidSplorer when you login' item.
    5. Select the 'Restrictions' tab
    6. Check the 'Use password to exit the program' item and enter a password.
    7. Check the 'Prevent Windows Explorer from running' item.
    8. Check the 'Prevent Internet Explorer from running' item.
    9. Check the 'Hide Windows Desktop' item.
    10. Check the 'Prevent Program switching..' item.
    11. Check the 'Hide the Program's Minimize & Maximize buttons ' item.
    12. Click the OK button to close this window and save your changes.
    13. Click the "padlock" icon to exit "Parental Mode" and return to normal KidSafe mode.

  4. How do I get into Parental Mode?
    Parental Mode is accessed by clicking the 'padlock' icon on the toolbar.
    If prompted, enter the parental mode password, then click OK.

    While in Parental Mode you are not restricted to sites in the site list. You are allowed to visit any site and decide whether to add the site to the list.
    In addition, you can also change the program settings.

  5. How to Display the Settings Screen
    Once you are in Parental Mode, select the 'hammer & spanner' icon on the toolbar located in the left most side of the the window.
    Click the appropriate tab to
    • Change the general program settings and set the passwords
    • Change the appearance of the browser such as the toolbar and site list
    • Change various program restrictions
    • Change the days and times that the program can be used
    • Enter your registration code

  6. How to Exit Parental Mode?
    When you are done, click on the 'pad-lock' icon on the toolbar located in the left most side of the window. This will Exit Parental Mode and return to normal KidSafe mode.

Screenshots - More Details

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