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Web Replay 1.8 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Web Replay

  1. How does Web Replay help you?
    It memorizes all your online passwords and login names;
    It securely encrypts your passwords on your local hard drive, protecting them from identity theft using a military-grade algorithm;
    It allows you to easily edit and print your passwords
    It generates strong, random, hard-to guess passwords customized to your needs;
    It signs you in to your password-protected online accounts with just one click;
    It automates all of your repetitive browsing tasks like checking credit card balances, paying a regular bill, checking e-mail, tracking orders, recharging your phone card and much more. One click in Web Replay replaces all the clicking and typing required to perform these tasks;
    Install Web replay on a USB drive and you'll be able to carry your login information with you anywhere, securely and easily

Screenshots - More Details

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