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Advanced Pic Hunter 2.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Image Files Manage Popup Menu

Open: Open the selected file with the application associated with this file type, if there isn't any application associated with this type, then display the "Open With" dialog. Be sure there only one file is selected.

Open With: Enable you select an application to open this selected file. Be sure there is one and only one file is selected.

Open Folder: Open the explore as another style that just like you double click the shortcut of "My Computer" in desktop. And the function is just like the Explore, only style is different.

Copy File: Copy the selected files just as the explore does this, then you can paste these files into a path in the explore or other applications support this type operation.

Cut File: Cut the selected files just as the explore does this, then you can paste these files into a path in the explore or other applications support this type operation.

Paste File: Paste files into the selected resource type's store path, just as do this in the explore, if you have copy files before this time in this or other applications.

Copy Image to Clipboard: Copy image to clipboard directly from the selected file in your local hard disk.

Convert File Format: Convert format of the image files in batch es., such as convert Bmp to Jpeg.

Copy File to: This is similar to "Copy", but here enable you to select a destination path to paste the files.

Move File to: Similar to "Copy to", but here remove the files from source path after the paste is finished.

Delete File: Delete selected files from resource store path. In fact, here just like move the files into the resource recycled path under current resource store directory.

Refresh: Refresh the display of this application.

Property :View the property of the selected file just as do this in the explore. Be sure there is one and only one file is selected.

Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced Pic Hunter

  1. How do I report bugs?
    Please e-mail any errors in the interests of continual SeaMoon Pic Hunter improvement and refinement. In your mail please specify: The URL to file which you tried to download. Which operating system you are running. The SeaMoon Pic Hunter version you are using. An error description

  2. What is Advanced Pic Hunter?
    SeaMoon Pic Hunter is the tool for view, searching and downloading images from the Internet. There are thousands of pictures in many websites on Internet. And people often want to download these pictures quickly and conveniently. Of course you can view and save them one by one with web-browser. But this will waste you much time. Let SeaMoon Pic Hunter do the job rapidly and automatically. SeaMoon Pic Hunter will access and analyses the website you specified by multitude threads, then find out and download the pictures (such as GIF, JPG) form the website. You can deal with these pictures conveniently after all this have been done.

  3. How to start use Advanced Pic Hunter?
    Run SeaMoon Pic Hunter, then you can view the pictures in your hard disk. Just like in explore, you can access all resource of your hard disk and most important you can view Gif,Jpg,Bmp,Icon,Avi, etc not depend on other application. And you can search and download images from Internet. First, input a website address to the search address box and input a name to the search name box, then press the "search" button. All other work is left to SeaMoon Pic Hunter, and you just wait the beautiful pictures being saved to your hard disk.

Screenshots - More Details

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