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NewsBin Pro 5.34 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - NewsBin Pro

  1. I just upgraded and now NewsBin doesn't work, no downloads, no MOTD. What's up?
    If you are running a personal firewall, such as Zone Alarm, each new release of NewsBin looks like a new program to the firewall. You need to tell your firewall to let NewsBin out again.

  2. Does NewsBin support the new yEnc encoding method?
    Version 4.0+ supports yEnc. The 3.x series and prior does not support yEnc because development on that series ended before yEnc became popular.

  3. NewsBin does not seem to be pulling all the headers from a newsgroup. I know there are more headers there.
    There is a setting in the "Options" screen called "First Time Records" (FTR for short). This specifies the number of records NewsBin will download the first time it processes a specific newsgroup. Each subsequent time NewsBin processes the group, only records newer than the last run will be downloaded.

    If your FTR is set too small, you will not get all the headers the first time, especially in multipart groups. For example, if you are processing an MP3 group with an average of 50 parts per post and your FTR is set to 1000, you will only see 20 headers. In this case, you should set the FTR to 10000 or more. For picture groups containing single part posts, you would see 1000 headers.

  4. How can I tell NewsBin to skip files that are already in the directory, or does it do that automatically?
    NewsBin has two levels of duplicate detection. First, it will keeps track of posts you have recently downloaded and you can configure NewsBin to not show those. Second, NewsBin creates a signature of the first 22K of each file downloaded and saves it in a database. If, in the future, the same file is attached to a different post, NewsBin will identify it and kill the download automatically. A "D" (for duplicate) will be displayed in a yellow box to the left of the subject of the post. You can override the duplicate detection mechanism by either doing a Force Download (ctrl-y) or turn off the Signature Cache under the Utilities menu.

  5. Can I run multiple instances of NewsBin on the same machine?
    NewsBin was not designed to run multiple times on the same machine but many users have reported doing so successfully. If you are going to do this, we recommend installing the instances in different directories because NewsBin does not know how to share its configuration file and data files with itself. Also, each instance may download duplicates because they cannot share the same duplicate detection database. Also, make sure each instance is using a different configuration file. If you create shortcuts for them, make sure you start NewsBin with a config file as a command line parameter in the "Target" field of the shortcut. For example: "c:\program files\nbpro\nbpro.exe myconfig.nbi".

Screenshots - More Details

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