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Juicy Business Cards 1.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to Create JuicyBC Projects

  • Creation - To create new Juicy Business Cards project choose New from the File Menu or press Ctrl-N. You will be redirected to template library. You may press Esc if you don't want to proceed.
  • Opening - To open an existing Juicy Business Cards (.jbc) file (A file previously saved using Save ) choose Open from the File Menu or press Ctrl-O.
    Note that you cannot open jpg files exported from Juicy Business Cards.
  • Saving - To save the current document as an .jbc file press choose Save from the File Menu or press Ctrl-S. This lets you reload it back into Juicy Business Cards in the future.
  • Transferring into another application - To transfer current card image into another application, for example into Adobe PhotoShop or Microsoft Paintbrush, choose Copy from the Edit Menu. Then press Paste in your image editing application.
  • Exporting - To export current card image choose Export Image from the File menu . This creates a jpg file of the current document. Note that you cannot reload bitmaps back into Juicy Business Cards so if you want to make further edits in the future, save the document as an .jbc file.
  • Importing - To import custom background into application choose Import background from the File menu . This will import your background into the program. Your background will become available for future usage.

Screenshots - More Details

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