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febooti fileTweak 1.3

Download febooti fileTweak to change date, time and attributes of files, folders and subfolders.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $24.95

File Size:357 KB System:Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:40 days
Date Added:12-12-2005 Requirements:Windows system

change file attribute - febooti fileTweak
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Software Description:
With febooti fileTweak you can change date and time for files, folders (directories) and subfolders as well. Change files and folders creation date / time, last modified date / time and last accessed date / time (timestamp).

Also you can manage (count and change) files and folders attributes. You can change Read-only, Archive, Hidden and System attributes, as well as Offline, Not indexed, and count Encrypted, Compressed, Reparse point and Sparse attributes.

Key Features:
  • Expands "property" tabs to display additional file properties
  • Change file date and time (timestamp)
  • Change folder (directory) date and time
  • Manage / change file and folder attributes (supported by the operating system)
  • View file and folder content (copy file list to clipboard)
  • View file and folder description
  • Dynamically loads into memory and unloads when you close property page
  • Extremely fast install / uninstall included
  • Easy customizable interface to fit your needs
  • Full right-click context sensitive help
Editor's Review:
febooti fileTweak is designed to Change date and time for files, folders and subfolders. It's is extremely easy to use. With its members (modules), you can extend possibilities and features of fileTweak.

Attributes member allows to change and count files and folders (directories) attributes - Read-only, Archive, Hidden file, System file, Temporary file, Offline file, Not indexed file, Encrypted file, Compressed file, Reparse point, Sparse file. View member allows you to view file content and view folder list, last can be copied to clipboard with one touch; Description member allows to view file or folder description.

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