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Nucleus Kernel Tape Recovery Software 4.02

Recovers data from corrupted or damaged tape cartridges, and recover any missing file and folder lost due to tape corruption.

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File Size:880 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($299) Limitations:Demo
Date Added:06-13-2006 Requirements:Tape media

Recover data from tape media
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Software Description:
Nucleus Tape Data Recovery Software recovers data from corrupted tape cartridges such as DLT, AIT, DAT, LTO. Nucleus Kernel Tape Recovery Software is fast, simple,and easy to use Tape Recovery software tha recovers inaccessible data from Corrupted Tape.

Nucleus Kernel Tape will recover your data in a few minutes securely without any hindrances in your business continuity. Nucleus Kernel Tape supports all type of Tape formats.

Nucleus Kernel Tape is a professional tape drive recovery software utility that will scan your tape completely, after scanning Nucleus Kernel Tape will display all the files found from damaged tape in a tree like structure so that you can easily save the recovered files. Software is widely used by tape data recovery service providers all over the world. If you are unable to recover tape data from corrupted tape using our software then utilize our tape recovery services. Our experts will recover your data from corrupt tape and perform corrupt tape recovery to extract and recover maximum recoverable data from the tape. We are proficient in LTO recovery, DAT recovery, AIT recovery, DLT recovery.

Recovers data from Tape in case of
  • Tapes affected by snapping or creasing, fire or flood.
  • Message displaying on screen like 'READ ERROR' or 'READ FAILURE'
  • Tape that appears to be blank.
  • Over written or erased data from tape backup.

Key Features:
  • Recovery from damaged tapes.
  • Recovery of missing files(s) and folder(s).
  • Provides recovery of data lost due to tape corruption.
  • Live Update option helps keep your software updated of latest updates.
Editor's Review:
Nucleus Kernel Tape Recovery Software is special designed for media fans to recover data from damaged tapes, recover missing files and folders, recover data lost in tape corruption and so on. It's very easy to use, with a clear and user friendly interface. Nucleus Kernel Tape Recovery can recover data under various tape corrupt situation.

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