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AMUST Registry Cleaner - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Scan & Fix - Advanced Mode

To proceed with scanning process in the Advanced mode:
  • Select the registry categories to be scanned.
  • To begin scanning, click Start. Wait for the process to complete. Fix

    To fix or skip the registry issues found by Registry Cleaner:
  • Click the category to view the related registry issues found.
  • In the list of issues displayed, select the one you are interested in, and study the details.
  • To select or deselect all issues, click the corresponding link.
  • To ignore the issue that you do not consider to be an error, click Add to Ignore List next to it. At next scan, the issue will be skipped.
  • To fix selected issues, click the Fix button, and wait for the process to complete.

    Click Scan Again if you want to refresh the issues after you have added something to the ignore list. Reports & Undo

    Reports & Undo let you view changes made to your registry by Scan & Fix and roll them back as needed. This might be required, for example, when these changes prevent applications from operating as they were intended to.

    To undo a fix:
    1. From the list of Scan & Fix sessions on the Reports & Undo tab, select the session containing the modifications you want to roll back.
    2. Select the modifications you want to cancel, and click Undo.
    Make a backup of the Windows registry

    Registry Cleaner allows you to create a backup file for the entire registry, and to restore your registry from the backup.

    To backup current registry configuration:
    1. Specify the backup file location and supply comments, if necessary.
    2. Click Create Backup. The .BKP file created will appear in the list of backups.
    To restore registry from a backup file, select the necessary file from the Backup History list, and click Restore.

    To remove obsolete backup file, select it and click Delete.


    To schedule registry compact at the next system shutdown or restart, click Schedule Compact.
    If you want to cancel the scheduled compact, you can return to this dialog and click Cancel Compact again.

    Click Analyze to get the detailed report about how fragmented your registry is and estimate the registry compact benefit.


    Here you can configure the program.

    1. Specify:
    • Whether to handle file links as valid when scanning the registry, if they refer to selected locations.
    • Always backup your registry before fixing to ensure that you always have a rollback.
    • Default location for storing backups.
    • Limit your backups to 5 latest to ensure you do not have outdated registry backups.
    • Default location for storing Undo files containing all fixes made by Scan&Fix and used for roll-back.
    2. After specifying the options, click Apply.
    To restore the initial program settings, click Reset to Default.

    Frequently Asked Questions - AMUST Registry Cleaner

    1. Registry optimization tips and tricks
      Whatever registry maintenance software you are going to use, consider the following recommendations:
      • Regularly scan and clean your registry to avoid the obsolete and inaccurate information remaining there for a long time, producing a negative impact on your system.
      • Registry backup should be performed daily, and before software and hardware changes (installation, un-installation, or upgrade). Always back up your registry before cleanup.
      • Extremely strong care should be exercised during cleanup. Always pay attention to the severity of each error found. Do not make changes if you are not sure about them.
      • A registry maintenance tool should be flexible enough to provide not only bulk backup and cleanup, but also selective undo, since it is not always possible to predict how this or that change will affect application operation.
      • Consider compacting your registry after cleanup. Generally, scan, cleanup and then compact should be performed weekly, as well as after software or hardware changes.
      • Remember that registry compact must be carried out just before system shutdown or restart, otherwise the system restores registry to original state, and compact fails.

    2. What to look for in when choosing a registry maintenance tool?
      • Many registry maintenance tools use so-called Deep Scan, or heuristics analysis which, for example, may treat the peculiarities of your configuration as errors. As a result, these issues are removed, and you lose essential information. We offer you efficient and small-footprint Smart Scan based on high-level expertise and knowledge.
      • A registry maintenance tool should be flexible enough to provide not only bulk backup and cleanup, but also selective undo, since it is not always possible to predict how this or that change will affect application operation.
      • It is recommended that you use the software tool that is aware of when exactly the compacting process should take place.
      • User interface must be light, intuitive and provide friendly operation for all users, regardless of their experience level.
      • Quality registry solution should be developed in accordance with industry standards, and possess certain maturity grade.

    Screenshots - More Details

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