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Reg Organizer v3.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Registry Cleanup Mode

Use this mode to thoroughly clean the system registry and optimize the operating system performance:
  • Specify the programs to run at Windows startup.
  • Analyze the shared dynamic link libraries.
  • Clean the registry from junk by finding and deleting references to non-existent files and folders.
  • Access the non-documented Windows features.
Registry Editing Mode

Under this mode Reg Organizer works as a powerful registry editor.

File Editing Mode

Use this mode to manage various configuration files.

Search and Replace Mode

This mode offers you a variety of options for searching through the registry and replacing records matching the specified criteria.

Software Uninstall Mode

A powerful tool allowing you to remove unwanted applications from your computer including application files, application data saved in the system registry and system configuration files, libraries installed by given application to the system folders, etc. Besides, this mode allows for displaying changes made by the application to each of the system components.

Automatic Registry Cleanup

It can search the registry for erroneous or obsolete references and entries. These entries can be removed or repaired.

Disk Cleanup

This Reg Organizer feature allows you to search for incorrect or unnecessary files on hard disks of your computer, and then correct the errors or remove the files if possible.

Shell Settings

Lets you fine-tune your Windows system by altering some undocumented Windows settings.

Screenshots - More Details

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