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7tools Boot Corrector 3.2 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - 7tools Boot Corrector

  1. How does Partition Manager create partitions? Can I remove Partition Manager from my computer without destroying my partitions structure?
    Partitions created or manipulated by Partition Manager are written and stored on the hard drive. Partition Manager makes the changes to the partitions you want to modify and then write those changes to the hard drive in the Master Boot Record. If Partition Manager becomes corrupted or deleted, the partitions remain on the hard drive.

  2. My hard drive is connected to a HPT370 controller and is detected as 8Gb in Partition Manager. When I connect it directly to the IDE controller Partition Manager shows its true capacity of 40Gb.
    Please run Partition Manager with the '/ebios' key in the command prompt. To run Partition Manager with the '/ebios' key, please, make the path in your shortcut look like this: "C:\Program Files\Paragon Software\Partition Manager\WinPM\WinPM.exe" /EBIOS.

  3. What is the maximum hard drive size that Partition Manager can work with?
    Virtually, there isn't any limitation, as long as your operating system supports such hard disks. We tested all operations on hard disks with 500 GB.

  4. Can Partition Manager merge several partitions into one?
    Yes, Partition Manager includes a wizard helping you to ease and control this operation. Start the Partition Merge Wizard within the interface Wizard -> Merge Partition.

  5. Is Partition Manager compatible with the drive overlay programs such as Ontrack Disk Manager, Maxtor Max-Blast or MicroHouse EZ-Drive?
    Yes, Partition Manager is compatible with the drive overlay programs. The DDO (Dynamic Drive Overlay) driver needs to be loaded prior to running Partition Manager. Note: we do not recommend using Boot Manager Lite together with the drive overlay programs. In some cases it is possible but in other cases it is not.

Screenshots - More Details

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