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Error Fixer 3.0.1 - User Guide and FAQ

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Scan, Identify, and Fix Windows Problems.

  1. Open Error Fixer.
  2. Click the Scan tab.
  3. Click the Start Scan... button at the bottom right.
  4. Error Fixer will begin scanning your computer for Windows errors and solutions to those errors.
  5. Once the scan Error Fixer displays a list of problems found organized by problem category.
  6. To repair the errors you can do any of the following:
    1. Click Fix All Errors to automatically repair all errors found.
    2. Right-click any of the categories to repair just that section.
    3. Right-click the individual errors to repair just that error.
  7. A confirmation dialog will display asking you to confirm your choice to repair the selected errors.
  8. Click Yes to proceed with repairing your errors.
  9. Once the repair is complete a confirmation dialog will display the statistics of the repair process.
  10. Click OK to close the confirmation dialog and return to Error Fixer.
  11. Click Start Over Again to return to the Scan tab.

Frequently Asked Questions - Error Fixer

  1. I cannot download the installation file, the installation file is corrupted, or otherwise does not work.
    Please make sure you are using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, or AOL7 or higher. Also disable any download manager/accelerator applications as they are known to interfere with the script-based downloads we use.

  2. How do I receive updates?
    By default Error Fixer will notify you when updates are available. If you choose, these will be updated and installed. Alternatively you can modify the Options to automatically download updates or to disable the update nofication completely. You always have the option to check for updates manually via the button in Options.

  3. How do I know what registry keys and files to keep? Which to remove?
    It is recommended that you remove all registry keys and files that are reported as invalid. Only exclude registry keys and files if you are sure they are required to run other software on your computer. To further protect your computer and software Error Fixer automatically backs up all registry keys and files prior to removal so you can restore them in the future if you find that you need them.

  4. Will Error Fixer work on a Mac? Linux?
    Error Fixer is currently compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. There are no plans at this time to create a version compatible with the Mac, Linux, or any other non-Microsoft Operating System.

  5. I have purchased Error Fixer and want to install it on my desktop and laptop. How can I do this?
    A single purchase of Error Fixer provides you with a single license key that can be used to register Error Fixer on a single computer. If you wish to install Error Fixer on more than one computer simultaneously you must purchase a license for each computer. This is how most software licenses are worded and it is illegal to install most retail software on more than one computer. However, not all software physically enforces it's licensing like we do.

  6. How do I uninstall Error Fixer?
    To uninstall Error Fixer please do the following:
    • Close Error Fixer if it is currently running.
    • Uninstall Error Fixer from the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs utility.
    • Or you can run Error Fixer uninstall utility from Start menu\Error Fixer programs group.

Screenshots - More Details

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