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Program Sleuth 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details


1. If you don't know what a control on Program Sleuth does, place your mouse over the unknown control . A friendly pop-up window will tell you what it is.

2. If your system is still running slow and none of the visible programs appear to be using much of the computers speed uncheck "Hide Normal System Programs" it's possible a known driver is misbehaving or has been corrupted by a virus. If any of the programs speed bars remain consistently large that is your likely suspect.

3. If after windows starts up a killed program reappears and you still want it removed you will have to use the information button and read how to permanently remove the program from your system. Program Sleuth can only point you to problem programs. Because of the many ways programs can be launched on startup the current version of Program Sleuth can not permantly remove suspicious programs from starting after the machine has been turned off.

Screenshots - More Details

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