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Memory Optimizer 2002a - User Guide and FAQ

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What is Memory Optimizer?

Memory Optimizer is a program designed to increase the overall performance of your system. Memory Optimizer uses a brand new sophisticated algorithm called RAMFlow for fast PC memory optimization and RAM recovery. Memory Optimizer can run automatically in your System Tray where it will silently monitor and optimize your PC's memory while you work. Memory Optimizer is an important tool to solve the problems of Windows memory management, and will boost your PC and alleviate system crashing.

How Memory Optimizer works?

Memory Optimizer proactively monitors your system's level of available RAM to provide the best possible environment for your PC to run in. Using its advanced RAMFlow system, it tracks your free memory and automatically manages your RAM to prevent crashes and boost PC performance. If you are a novice user, you can just install Memory Optimizer and enjoy fast automatic memory management and cache tuning. If you are an advanced user, you can configure "Target" and "Trigger" levels of RAM to free up the desired amount of memory. Memory Optimizer also allows you to view all running applications, even hidden ones, and how much RAM they use. You can set the CPU priority for these.

Screenshots - More Details

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