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Throttle 6.4.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Throttle

  1. How it Works?
    Throttle works by modifying multiple Windows registry entries as well as system files to increase modem performance. Originally Windows was setup to work with local networks, however with simple modifications your computer will be ready and setup to work with internet networks. This increases modem performance substantially. The whole process should take seconds to complete no matter what type of modem you use.

  2. I have noticed that when I start Throttle it attempts to access my internet connection, why is this?
    Unfortunately there are many users of our software previously which have chosen to pirate our software rather then pay the very small license fee. For this reason Throttle will attempt to verify the Name/Serial each time the software is started. No other personal information other then the Name/Serial, and computer IP Address is transmitted over the internet.

Screenshots - More Details

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