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Tweaking Toolbox XP 1.60 - User Guide and FAQ

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Getting Started

After launching Tweaking Toolbox XP, the user should select a profile to make adjustments to. The current user account will be selected by default. To change the settings of any other users on the system will require an account with Administrative privileges. To change an account, select the account and press the Select User button.

Please note that Windows will not create a registry (hive) profile until the user has logged into his/her account at least once. An error message will occur if the user selects an account with no profile.

The status bar at the bottom of Tweaking Toolbox XP will list the current selected user.


Please note that sub-items are listed under the buttons that make up the programs menu at the left side. When more then 3 items are available, small scroll buttons will appear. Clicking the scroll button will allow the user to access the other sub-items.

The same is true for the main menu items (represented by the buttons), where the user can also scroll down to reveal more buttons.

Keyboard Navigation

The Tweaking Toolbox XP program can be used without a mouse. The following keys can be used to navigate:

The up & down arrow keys:
  • Select folder or sub items.
  • If focus is on folder then it will select the next folder.
  • If focus is on a sub item then it will select the next sub item.
  • After last sub item it will select the next folder.
The right arrow key will select a sub item when focus is on the folder.

The left arrow will select the parent folder when focus is on a sub item.

The Home key:
  • Select the first sub item when focus is on a sub item.
  • If focus is on a folder, it will select the first folder.
The End key:
  • Select the last sub item when focus is on a sub item.
  • If focus is on a folder it will select the last folder.
While selecting folder or sub item using keyboard navigation, focus remains on the left pane (the menu), you can press the Tab key to shift focus to the right pane (where the Settings are listed).

Similarly, from the right pane, you can use the Tab key to change focus to other controls on the right pane (such as the Apply, Cancel, Undo and Exit buttons) and finally navigate back to the left pane.

Password protect

The user may password protect Tweaking Toolbox XP. To do so, click on the Tweaking Toolbox XP Settings button at the left side, and select the Password protection icon. Place a check-mark in the box password protect Tweaking Toolbox XP. The cursor will now jump to the New password entry box under Change Administrator password. Enter the administrator password here and confirm the password by re-typing it in the Confirm new password entry box. Repeat the steps for the user password and click on the Apply button to set the passwords.

The next time the user launches Tweaking Toolbox XP, the program will start at the Password protect window, and prompt the user to enter a password in the Enter password box. Either the administrator password or user password is required to activate the program.

The Administrator password is used to set password protection options for Tweaking Toolbox XP. This password has nothing to do with the Windows Administrative password. The User password is a password that cannot be changed by the user but will grant access to the program. This provides the Administrator a method to control user access to the program.

Screenshots - More Details

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