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Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 6.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Workspace Macro Pro features unique SMART MACRO automation technology:
  • SMART Macro technology gives intelligence to your macros. It senses & automatically adjusts to changes between record and re-play conditions. This provides you with accurate, reliable & trouble-free macros.
  • Provides great options like "High-Speed" & "Turbo-Action" macro replay to run macros as fast as your computer can run, without compromising on accuracy and reliability.
Automate any simple or complex routine tasks with this macro program & Windows automation software.

Use Workspace Macro Pro for all kinds of tasks. Below are few examples:

For Business Processes
  • Automate inventory check
  • Intelligently copy data from one application to another
  • Generate reports at Turbo- speed
  • Routinely perform system clean-up and system maintenance tasks
  • Automate Data entry into any application or web form
  • Automate & schedule any business task
  • Automate search engine submissions
  • Test applications and web pages
For Individual Tasks
  • Load or log into your favorite website
  • Auto-login to your web mail
  • Auto e-mail downloading
  • Automatically fill forms
  • Use it as auto-clicker
  • Use macros with online games
  • Automatically run your Spyware remover program every night
  • Automate and schedule any personal tasks
In fact, once you start using Workspace Macro Pro, you will discover hundreds of new ways to use this product for your repetitive tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions - Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition

  1. Can I start and stop macro recording using hotkey, that way I don't have to open 'Workspace Macro Pro' to record a macro?
    • To start recording press Ctrl + Alt + N from any application
    • To stop recording press Ctrl + Alt + S from any application
    This way you don't have to leave your application to record a macro.

    You can also customize the hotkeys that start and stop macro recording. To customize the hotkeys select Tools->Options->Hotkeys from the menu.

  2. When I press "Ctrl + Alt + N" the recording doesn't start, what could be the reason?
    Please check if Workspace Macro Pro is running in the system tray. If you don't see Workspace Macro Pro icon is the system tray, please start the program. The Hotkeys for recording works only when Workspace Macro Pro is running. Note: The Workspace Macro Pro window needs not be open only its icon should be there in the system tray.

  3. What can I do with Macro Editor?
    • If there is a minor change in your task, you don't have to re-record your task again. You can edit various macro commands, add extra keystrokes, change click location, enter delays etc.
    • Edit your recorded macros to optimize and run it as fast as possible.
    • You can insert macro commands in between or at the end of the macro to extend its functionality.
    • You can create a macro from scratch using macro commands.

  4. Web page loading takes different time depending on Internet connection. How do I decide how much delay should I insert?
    You don't need to worry about delays if you are using Internet explorer. Our unique SMART Macro technology automatically recognizes web page actions and it will automatically wait for web page to load before the next action.

  5. What is the use of "Group by windows" option?
    Use this powerful feature for ease of editing. In this view all mouse moves and delays are removed and all the other events are grouped by window. This view provides you a clearer view of what is happening in which window.

  6. If I deselect one or more of the filter options and save the macro, will it discard the filtered events?
    No, The Filter options are for 'View' purpose only. Filters don't change the sequence or delete any event. We provide this feature so that you can quickly locate and edit the action.

  7. When I click 'Launch' in 'Open Program/File' command it gives me an error "Unable to open the program or file. Please check Program or File path." What is the reason?
    One possibility is that the file you are trying to open may not be associated to any program. So Windows doesn't know how to launch the program. One way to check it is double click the file in the explorer. If it doesn't open and asks you to choose a program, select the program you want the file to open with. Try again with 'Open Program/File' command.

  8. How to enter the keystroke 'Ctrl + End' in the Editor?
    To specify that both keys are pressed at the same time select '[CTRL DOWN][END][CTRL UP]', exactly as you would press the actual keys.

    Another example is for 'Ctrl + Alt + T' specify '[CTRL DOWN][ALT DOWN]T[ALT UP][CTRL UP]'.

Screenshots - More Details

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