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Plato DVD Copy 6.6 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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what can I do with Plato DVD Copy?
    With Plato DVD Copy, you make high quality backup copies of all your DVD movies.
How to Copy your DVDs?
  1. Start Plato DVD Copy, You will see its main interface.
  2. Step 1. Select Source DVD Movie
  3. Set the target DVD option to the [DVD Writer], choose the DVD writer device. 1. if you want to copy a DVD movie from a DVD disc 2. if have a dvd movie directory in your hard disk
  4. Step 2. Select Destination: 1. if you want to make a copy of DVD disc 2. if you want to make copy of DVD movie to your hard disk(great for laptops)
  5. Step 3. Setting the copy type : 1. if you just want to copy specified language audio track 2. if you want to delete DTS audio of the movie 3. if you don't want to copy subtitle to backup movie 4. if you just want to copy main movie to destination
  6. Step 4. Setting the destination DVD movie Format : 1. Copy D5 , D9 DVD movie disc to D9 disc 3. Compress D5, D9 DVD movie to one D5 format disc
  7. Start Copying

Screenshots - More Details

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