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Flash Video MX - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Flash Video MX

  1. How do I embed my swf into an html page?
    In the File Tab of Flash Video MX there is an Export HTML option. If you select this checkbox Flash Video MX will automatically output the html code to play the SWF that you are encoding.

    If you want to do it yourself, here is a code sample of embedding your effect SWF into a web page:
    <OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"
    ,0" id="effect" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%">
    <PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE="effect.swf">
    <PARAM NAME="quality" VALUE="high">
    <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#000000">
    <EMBED src="effect.swf" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000" WIDTH="100%"
    HEIGHT="100%" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"
    Set the "HEIGHT" and "WIDTH" values in both the <EMBED> and <OBJECT> tags to
    the dimensions of your movie. Set the values to "100%" for the effect to
    fill the screen.
    The <OBJECT> tags are specific to Internet Explorer and the <EMBED> tags are
    for most other browsers, including Netscape. Therefore, both tags are needed
    for the Flash SWF to display properly on all browsers. Please make sure that
    the attributes in both tags match, otherwise unexpected behavior may result.
    More information is available here:

  2. How do I use Flash Video MX to create swf files?
    Flash Video MX has a very easy wizard that helps you to create swf files. Select the video file you want to convert, capture the part of this file you want to convert, click “Next” to set audio and video effects, click “Next” to set special effect to your video and select “swf” on the “Output Type” option, click “Next” to make the beginning and the end for your movie (Optional), click “Next” and the program will start creating swf file.

  3. How do I capture a part of my video file to convert?
    After selecting your video file, you can preview this file on the program. Set the “Starting Time” and the “Finishing Time” by dragging the “Starting Time” bar and the “Finishing Time” bar, and the part you want from the video will be captured. You can also click “Mark Start” and “Mark Finish” while the video file is being played to capture the part you want.

  4. I get a pop-up error when I try to open my Flash Video MX, why it that?
    You can check if you have properly installed your decoder (see next question). Try reinstalling your decoder to see if it works. If not, please E-mail our support staff for help.

  5. What does "Movie Beginning" include?
    "Movie Beginning" includes subject, director and description. It is for adding movie-making information and brief introduction of your movie.

  6. What does “Movie End” include?
    "Movie End" information is for adding movie credits, sponsor information etc.

  7. Can I add my favorite music to my video?
    Yes. Flash Video MX lets you replace the original audio with a new audio file. On the Audio & Video Settings interface, you can select a new audio file from your computer to replace the original audio file. If the new audio file is not long enough, you can choose to loop it by selecting "Loop Audio". You can use this special feature to make your own Flash MTV.

  8. Can I set a color of LOGO to be transparent? How do I do it?
    Yes. Flash Video MX allows you to set your LOGO to be transparent. After selecting an icon from your hard disc as your logo, you will see a dialog box where you can choose a color from your picture and set it to be transparent. Then you can adjust the “Tolerance” bar to get the effect you want.

  9. How can I use the product to produce a flash file that will play as soon as it starts loading, instead of loading the whole thing?
    Just disable the option "Include movie preloader" on the third page of Flash Video MX. Once "Include movie preloader" option is not checked, Flash Video MX will not create a loading bar for the video, and the video will auto play when there are enough frames to be played. Sometimes, you may like your video to pause at the first of the frame, instead of playing immediately, you can click the "advanced settings" on the third page of Flash Video MX, check the "stop when video begins" option.

  10. What are the minimum system requirements?
    Windows NT4.0 + SP6/2000/XP or above
    64MB Memory (128MB recommended)
    512MB hard disc space or above
    Windows compatible Monitor (800*600 or above resolution)
    Windows compatible mouse and keyboard
    Windows compatible sound blaster
    Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or above
    Quick Time file supported Quick Time 6.0 or above
    Windows Media Player 9.0 or above

Screenshots - More Details

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