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Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio 2.9.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to use Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio

  1. Select SameShow menu within PowerPoint, all the functions of converting PowerPoint to Flash can be accessed here directly; it's an easy-to-use authoring tool.

  2. Click SameShow -> Record Narration from within PowerPoint, you can record your narrations for each slide respectively, and also add notes for your recording by click "Notes>>".

  3. Through SameShow -> Import Audio menu, you can add background music for your whole presentation or respectively add music file for each slide.

  4. Set Outline/ Notes/ Navigation for each slide through SameShow -> Slide Properties menu. They will be available on the generated flash player.

  5. Select SameShow -> Insert Flash to add SWF file for each slide, it will be played at the beginning or end of the slide.

  6. You can also add up to five attachments for each slide with files of any type, it can be accessed directly by your viewers when they click the Attachment button on SameShow player. This will be helpful and intuitive when you are presenting various kinds of presentations to your viewers.

  7. In this panel, you can set the Conversion Mode, Output Type, Directory, Slide's FPS, and some other settings. And you must have big enough space in your hard drive for your working folder and your output folder.

  8. Add your Bio information, Company Logo, and Author Photo, they all can be displayed on your generated flash.

  9. Here you can choose your favorite templates and customize the player with many options and selectable items.

  10. Before the final conversion, there are some key options that you may have to confirm. If all settings are correct, then click "Continue" to start conversion. And then click the "Start" button to launch the conversion immediately.
To add a new project:

You can easily add your PowerPoint files into SameShow main panel by click "Add PowerPoint Files".
  1. Locate the ppt file(s) you wish to import and click Open.
  2. Repeat Step 1 for adding more PowerPoint files if you wish. (Tips: Hold down the 'Ctrl' key, you can also add multi-PowerPoint files at once.)
  3. Click Projects > Save , save the project as .ptf format.

To edit a project:
  1. Preview PowerPoint slides. Once you have added the projects, you can select a PowerPoint file from the projects list and start to preview your slides in the right panel. It is advisable that you preview at least once, before you converting it. To navigate the slides pages, press the or buttons.
  2. Arrange your project files. If, after previewing your slides, you wish to arrange the PowerPoint files in the projects list. Simply press the or to the desired position.
  3. Save the project. Click Projects > Save when you done.

To remove the PowerPoint file(s) from the projects list:
  1. Select the PowerPoint files from the list you want to remove. ('Ctrl' key - select multi PowerPoint files.)
  2. Click 'Remove Selected Files' when you done.
Note: After removing all the PowerPoint files from the list, the project will be still reserved in your hard disk unless you delete it where you saved.

Screenshots - More Details

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