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Xilisoft DVD to iPod Suite   - User Guide and FAQ

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The Best Way to Convert DVD to iPod

This document will show you how to convert DVD movie to iPod format and the easy way to put DVD on iPod. After these jobs, you can watch the DVD movie on the iPod.
  1. First of all, please run DVD Ripper. Load your DVD into the program. For more details about this job, please read the instruction for DVD Ripper. After it is loaded, please select AVI as output format. We recommend AVI as output format because it is more stable and the ripping speed is always faster than mpeg format.
  2. And then, please open "Output Settings" in the "Settings" menu. You must select a codec for AVI output. You'd better select Xvid codec, from which you can get better output quality and smaller file size.
  3. After you click "OK", the program will return to the main interface. Now please just click "Encode" button to start ripping your DVD. If you do not want to get whole DVD ripped, you can just rip a chapter or a clip of DVD by the certain items in the "File" menu. And the output files will be found in the "Output Folder" you select.
  4. It will take half of the duration time to rip whole DVD. After the ripping process is done, please run iPod Video Converter and load the output AVI file into the program. Highlight your file in the program, and select "Profile" and "Destination" for it. The output file will be found in the "Destination" folder you set. And "C:\Temp" will be the default one.
  5. There are four options in the "Profile" box; one is for iPod audio format (MP3); the other three options are for video outputs in different quality.
    You will get a first-class output file if you select "Excellent Quality", but the size of the file would be quite large in this way. According to our test, in excellent quality conversion, if your original video file is in 2 hours duration, the output file will be larger than 500 MB, which means it is beyond the capability of 512 MB memory stick. But with "Minimal Size" output, the output file will be about 220 MB, which means it is possible that you store two DVD movies on your 512 MB memory disk. Generally speaking, we recommend the default setting, "iPod Video Format", which will produce medium quality in proper size. Actually, while you select different output option, the settings will be modified automatically. For example, if you select "Minimal Size", "Video Size" will show 160X112 and "Bit Rate" will show 216 for it automatically.
  6. After you decide everything, please just click "Encode" to start the conversion to iPod format. And after the conversion is done, you will get two files in the output folder, mp4 and THM. You can click "Open" to reach the folder directly.
  7. What to do next? Enjoy your DVD on the iPod.

Screenshots - More Details

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