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Online TV Player 3.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Why some channels don't work.

  1. Please make sure you have connected to Internet at first.
  2. If you have problems watching stations such as no video and audio only or other problems, please be sure you have installed the latest version of Microsoft Media Player and RealPlayer.
  3. Make sure your version of the Online TV Player is the newest.
  4. Live television depend on the origin and not of the program that show them, some stations can be offline temporarily or with too many connections. If you are receiving error messages on certain station try again after some minutes or select other station.

Frequently Asked Questions - Online TV Player

  1. Q: Why some channel's image quality is poor and not continuity?
    A: The image quality and continuity depend of where the signal is produced. In fact, there are many reasons to obtain poor signal quality or not signal at all: high traffic, low resolution streams, even your internet connection. If you have problems tuning a TV Channel or radio station, try again after some minutes or select other station.

Screenshots - More Details

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