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New Video Splitter 1.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - New Video Splitter

  1. Which version of DirectX Runtime is required?
    If you are using Win98, WinMe or Win2000, DirectX 8.0 or higher is required. Download DirectX directly from Microsoft.

  2. I get the error "Fail in initializing the file!" when I open a video file.
    If you are trying to open RealMedia files, .RM or .RMVB then you should install RealOne Player.

    In general, if Windows Media Player can play the video file you are trying to split, then New Video Splitter will be able to split that particular file. On the other hand, if Windows Media Player cannot play that(a particular) video file, then you will have to install extra video codec in you PC system.

  3. Can I convert video files to DivX format?
    Sure but you need to install Divx codec.

  4. Can I convert video files to Xvid format?
    You should install Xvid codec to do the job.

  5. What about DVD(.vob) files?
    Yes but not for some types of encrypted DVDs. You have to give this a test because if the DVD is NOT specially encrypted, the program will still be able to split it. Remember to install DVD CODEC before splitting because it will give you a smoother and less problem during splitting.

  6. Can I split RealMedia file(.rm, .rmvb) ?
    Yes but you need to install RealOne Player. If you are trying to open RealMedia files, .RM or .RMVB then you should install RealOne Player.

  7. I need to convert AVI to MPEG. Can I do this?
    Sure, New Video Converter has a built-in video converter. You can use it to convert any video files that it support.

Screenshots - More Details

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