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SiteSpinner 2.7

Help you make website easily without knowing any HTML, paint and image editing tools. It's 100% WYSIWYG, integrate templates .Create mouse-over effects, create Forms, Spell Check your pages and more!

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $49.0

Version: 2.7 Publisher:
File Size:5,810 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($49.0) Limitations: 
Date Added: 12-12-2006 Requirements:windows only

build website - SiteSpinner
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Software Description:
You don't need to know any HTML - SiteSpinner V2 is 100% WYSIWYG - move anything anywhere with your mouse.No need for image editing software - Change the size or properties of any picture right in the work-window.

No need for a paint program - Create shapes, backgrounds. Add shading or transparency.No need for FTP software - Publish directly from SiteSpinner V2 to your web host. All your images can be automatically uploaded too.

Templates - SiteSpinner V2 includes quality templates for you to use to build your site. Create mouse-over effects, Spell check your pages and more!

Key Features:
  • With SiteSpinner V2 you can create graphics right in the work-window. When you publish to your web site, the graphics are automatically transferred with your web pages.
  • Not happy with the color of a picture, or maybe it needs transparency, or it would look better if it was flipped - its easy with SiteSpinner V2.
  • With SiteSpinner V2 objects can be placed wherever you want them with your mouse. Not only that, you can set objects so they are always centered, or automatically scale to fit your visitor's web browser.
  • The SiteSpinner V2 Text Editor works like your Word Processor - change your text's font, size, color. Add links and spell check your work. Add Titles and you have a professional page.
  • SiteSpinner V2's drag-and-drop Table Editor lets you quickly organize your information. Text, pictures, or any object can easily be dragged into position, and your table's properties can be set the way you want them.
Editor's Review:
I have had a couple days to use the V2 and I just wanted to write and tell you that it is absolutely fantastic. I am becoming aquatinted with it, which hasn't taken that long, and realizing just how many truly user friendly tools there are to the V2. It really is great. Thanks for the great editor!

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