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10-Strike Log-Analyzer 1.5 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Getting Started
  1. Unpack your log files if they are packed (packed file has extension '.gz'). You can make it using WinZip ( or another archive.
  2. Open unpacked log file(s) ([Menu File] -> [Open Log-File(s)...]).
  3. Set filters and other options.
  4. Press [Go!] button.
  5. View report or histogram by pressing appropriate button.
  6. To get another report repeat from step 3.
NOTE: You can switch off debug messages appearing while processing error lines in log file by turning off "debug mode" option ([Menu Options] -> [Debug Mode]).

Frequently Asked Questions - 10-Strike Log-Analyzer

  1. Q: When I open a MS IIS log-file, Analyzer shows the error message "Couldn't Open File". What should I do?
    A: IIS writes logs in its own format (Microsoft IIS Log File Format) by default. Log-Analyzer can't process this log format in its current version. You can make IIS write logs in "NCSA Common Log File Format" and then process this type of log file with Analyzer. (But you won't be able to generate referrer reports in this case. NCSA Common log doesn't store referrers.)

Screenshots - More Details

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