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AddWeb Website Promoter - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Wizards vs. Advanced Mode

Wizards were implemented to help customers jump in as soon as possible, without the need to learn everything they ever wanted to know about AddWeb and web promotion.

The wizards take you step by step through key features, letting you only digest what you need to at any given time.

Still, once you are confident with the different features, as well as the terms, we strongly urge you to use AddWeb in advanced mode. AddWeb's advanced mode will let you make simple changes as you need in the shortest period of time.

Consider that AddWeb is a critical tool in your marketing arsenal. Customers that take the time to learn all of the features get the most out of it, while those that try to put in minimum effort tend to get minimum results. In the scope of this product's purpose, more benefit equals greater profit.

We strongly urge you to read the Portal in full, and all of the documentation. Doing so will make you an absolute search engine promotion expert.

Frequently Asked Questions - AddWeb Website Promoter Deluxe

  1. I cannot select custom categories.
    To select the Custom Categories, first be sure you are connected to the internet. These categories are collected live from the internet. Next, once you have selected the engine, select the top level category by selecting the check box next to it. This act will trigger the download of the second level category and then double clicking on the second level category will trigger the download of the third level and beyond.

  2. Why are some search engines not in the database?
    There are some engines that most people consider Major Engines that are not in the AddWeb list. If the engine accepts submissions without charging money, or without requiring manual intervention, we will include it. There are other engines that are included that are not visibly there.

  3. My Submission and Ranking is very slow.
    This may be due to your having too many threads in yoru AddWeb settings.
    Go to the Options/Preferences section of AddWeb and set the Simultaneous HTTP connections for Submission to something higher than 0.
    Most people with broadband speed connections should start out with a setting around 60 while dialup modems should start at about 25. Likewise the Rankings should be set at about 15 or 7 respectively. Also, be sure to set the Retries to 2.

Screenshots - More Details

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