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Golden Keywords 4.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How it works

Golden Keywords provides tools for fast exhaustive keyword research and easy-to-use interface for ranking and grouping found keywords.

First Step

Add and rank all keywords you already know via "Collect / Add Keywords..." menu.

Golden Keywords will start automatic keyword research and searches count retrieving. The data is loaded from the internet, therefore internet connection is required.

As soon as Golden Keywords will find keywords they will be shown at "Candidates" tab.

Second Step

Go to "Candidates" tab.

"How much searcher who uses this keyword is profitable for my website?" Start from the top keyword in the list and rank all keywords.

Ranked keywords will be moved to either "Keywords" or "Banned" tab.

Important: As long as for auto keyword research Golden Keyword analyses data from "Keywords" tab, if this tab is weak or empty, the auto keyword research is weak or disabled.

Third Step

Use "Collect / Import from Cache..." menu to get keywords from the local keywords cache. You will find a lot of good keywords here!

You have to use "Collect / Import from Cache..." menu only after performing previous steps.

Frequently Asked Questions - Golden Keywords

  1. How I can install Golden Keywords?
    a. Download Golden Keywords.
    b. Run downloaded Golden Keywords setup program.

    The Setup program will issue a number of prompts. Unless you have a reason to override the defaults it is strongly recommended that you accept the installation default settings (just press OK, Yes, or Next, as appropriate).

  2. Does Golden Keywords have uninstaller?
    Yes, of course. Golden Keywords uninstaller is accessible from Start menu and from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

  3. Many of the keywords that are gathered by Golden Keywords have no searches for them. We're not only looking for keywords that are applicable, but ones that actually have people searching for them.
    Try to use "Import from Cache" menu which provides keywords that actually have people searching for them. It's like Overture Search Term Suggestion tool but is user friendlier, allows wildcards, and doesn't limit amount of result keywords.

Screenshots - More Details

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