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The Newest Released Software

The Newest Released Software on Jan. 2007

Local Keylogger Pro - Monitor all users' activity on any computers in real time and record each computer's usage history.

PC Spy Keylogger - A top-rated, invisible and easy-to-use surveillance tool that records every keystroke to a log file.

Multi-screen Remote Desktop(MSRD) - fast, secure and affordable remote-control software that enables you to work on a remote computer in real time as if you were sitting in front of it.

MP3Coder - A powerful full-featured WAV-to-MP3 encoder. And it is a convenient ID3v1 tag and filename editor.

GSA Auto SoftSubmit - A program designed to submit software to hundreds of web sites.

NexySMS - NexySMS allows you to send SMS messages using mobile phone connected to the PC

Mobile Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) - View the contents of your desktop databases like MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, Excel and any ODBC Compliant Database like Oracle, SQL Server on Mobile phone.

Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle) - Convert your MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, Excel, MySQL or any ODBC enabled database to PDB, and then you can view it on Sony Ericsson Mobile device.

Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) - View any database on Windows Mobile-based Smart Phone 2002 or higher.

Pocket Database Viewer Plus(Access,Excel,Oracle) - View & Synchronize Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle, Foxpro, dBase or any ODBC enabled database with Pocket PC.

Advanced Wedding Organizer - Manage all information concerning your coming wedding, simplify your wedding preparation process.

2P Barcode Creator - A very powerful yet very easy-to-use barcode creator program which allows you to create barcode images in three basic ways.

2P Label Designer - A powerful yet very easy-to-use professional Barcode Label Design software specifically for predefined off-the-shelf labels.

HanWJ Chinese Input Engine - Provide a Chinese input platform for various Windows systems which enables you to type Chinese on general application software, e.g., Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Messenger, etc.

HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor - Help you learn, edit, speak, teach Chinese. And it has a powerful feature of converting between Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

BarcodeAnywhere - A very powerful yet very easy-to-use barcode creator software which allows you to create barcode images in three basic ways.

Advanced PDF to TEXT converter -A must have tool for document authors which can convert PDF documents to text.

Pos Panorama Pro - Create panoramic images from series of overlapping photos with just a few mouse clicks.

1CLICK DVD COPY - Fast and easy-to-use software which can copy a DVD movie on one disc.

1CLICK DVD MOVIE - Create DVD, VCD or SVCD movies from AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG1, MPEG2, QuickTime, ASF, WMV and XP Media Center files.

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