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G-Lock SpamCombat 2.61

Clear your Inbox from spam, virus, and junk emails at the server level without receiving them with your email client.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $35

File Size:4,205 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($35) Limitations:only a single email account
Date Added:06-08-2006 Requirements:Windows System

Main window - G-Lock_SpamCombat
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Software Description:
G-Lock SpamCombat clears your Inbox from spam, virus and junk emails at the server level without receiving them with your email client. G-Lock SpamCombat provides Whitelist, Blacklist, HTML Validator, DNSBL filter, and the Bayesian filter to stop spam from entering your Inbox. These databases are maintained and updated daily. It also allows creating user's filter rules to block spam.

Preview incoming emails by HTML, Message Source, and Message body (decoded message), and nobody knows whether your email address is valid or not if you don't want email. G-Lock SpamCombat supports POP3, IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other web based accounts.

The new version
Fixed: the message source was transmitted empty to the Complex Filter
Fixed: Delete function in the Complex Filter.

Key Features:
  • Catch and delete spam, virus, malicious code with great precision and accuracy before it reaches your Inbox.
  • Self learns based on your spam and good email and adapts to new types of spam.
  • Support safe email preview - no pictures are downloaded; no hidden scripts or codes are executed.
  • Cut down unproductive email traffic and save bandwidth.
  • Filter email from multiple email accounts.
  • Work in a fully automatic mode.
  • Provides recovery deleted emails and comprehensive statistics graphs.
Editor's Review:
The interface is a little complicate but the help documentation is excellent and easy to follow. It filters and cut off spam email very effectively. Different filters adapt to different users, with various anti-spam filters, you can easily edit and update the program to your email.

More functions such as Sort and Filter emails, Manage deleted emails, Recovery deleted emails, View SpamCombat statistics, etc. These let you manage email effectively and conveniently. Diverse tables display processed messages since the first installation of the program. It's the special point of the software.

In a word, G-Lock SpamCombat is quite professional, run SpamCombat SpamCombat before you receive the emails with your email client. After all unwanted emails are deleted from the server, and you can safely run your email client to receive only good emails.

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